Question: Is crush dating app legit?

Crush has gotten positive feedback from many users who have found friendship, romance, and love on the app. Crush currently has 4.6 stars in the App Store and Google Play. “Crush dating online is a really cool idea,” said a female user in a five-star review.

How does the crush app work?

The apps website describes how the technology works: the algorithms basically work like a person does. It looks at factors like frequency, length, response times, and features within the texts like sentiment, words, punctuation and emoji usage.

Is Maturedating com legitimate?

A scam! So I logged into my account to try and unsubscribe from this dating app - I also followed up with an email to support@maturedating on 6/6/2021 to cancel this and NOT take any more money from my account!!!! Do not sign up to this app - use tinder, eharmony anything but these people.

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