Question: Who was the inventor of the carte de visite?

Disdéri and the Carte de Visite Portrait Photograph. In 1854 the young aspiring photographer A. A. E. Disdéri patented the carte de viste, a relatively inexpensive photograph the size of a traditional calling card.

Who and when was the inventor of the carte de visite?

Andre Adolphe Eugene Disdéri A carte de visite is a photograph mounted on a piece of card the size of a formal visiting card—hence the name. The format was patented by the French photographer Andre Adolphe Eugene Disdéri (1819–89) in 1854. Most professional portrait photographers of the 1850s took either daguerreotypes or collodion positives.

When was carte de visite created?

1854 Building on this custom, the “carte-de-visite,” or “visiting card” was invented by André Adolphe Disdéri in Paris in 1854. He made his cartes-de-visite with a special camera that allowed him to take eight images with one negative.

What is carte de visite?

1 : visiting card. 2 : a close-trimmed portrait photograph approximately 2¹/₄×3³/₄ in.

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