Question: How do I report a scammer in Nigeria UBA account?

GTBank Nigerian Plc – +234 700 48266 6328; United Bank For Africa (UBA) –; +234 700 2255 822.

How do I report a bank scammer?

Contact your bank to report and stop unauthorized automatic withdrawals from your account. Forward phishing emails to the Anti-Phishing Working Group at If you got a phishing text message, forward it to SPAM (7726). Report any phishing attacks to the FTC at

How do I lodge a complaint to Uba?

Head Office Address. 57, Marina, Lagos Island. Lagos State.UBA Nigeria Contact Numbers (CFC) (+234) 01-2808822 (2808UBA) (+234) 01-6319822. (+234) 07002255-822 (0700-CALL-UBA)Email.

Do banks refund stolen money?

Banks are typically obligated to refund money so long as the customer follows fraud reporting procedures. In most cases, banks must refund the money as long as the customer follows fraud reporting procedures.

How do I chat with UBA customer service?

Simply go to your Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp and search for UBA Chat Banking. Get chatting today with Leo and experience a whole new world of banking solutions without going to the bank.

Can I get my money back if I paid by debit card?

If you paid using a Visa debit or pre-paid card The chargeback process lets you ask your bank to refund a payment on your debit card when a purchase has gone wrong. You should contact the seller first, as you cannot start a chargeback claim unless you have done this.

How do you get my UBA account no?

Simply dial *919# and follow the easy steps. Your account number will be sent to your mobile line. It is that easy!

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