Question: What do you do when you meet someone for the first time?

What should you not do when you first meet someone?

Here are nine things you should never say or talk about when you first meet someone in a professional setting:Anything negative: My job stinks. I hate this company. My boss is a jerk. Anything about money: Whats your salary? How much do you make? What do you get paid?More items •Sep 26, 2014

How should I act when meeting new people?

How to behave when meeting new peopleDo: Introduce yourself. Dont: Do all the talking. Do: Smile on introduction. Dont: Write people off at first glance. Do: Use names in conversations. Dont: Worry too much about what people make of you. Do: A little pre-meet brainstorming. Dont: Forget to thank the organisers.Oct 13, 2016

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