Question: How bad is BuzzFeed?

Despite BuzzFeeds entrance into serious journalism, a 2014 Pew Research Center survey found that in the United States, BuzzFeed was viewed as an unreliable source by the majority of respondents, regardless of age or political affiliation.

What exactly is BuzzFeed?

BuzzFeed is the leading independent digital media company delivering news and entertainment to hundreds of millions of people around the world. BuzzFeed is the worlds leading independent digital media company, which leverages data and innovation to reach hundreds of millions of people globally.

Why is BuzzFeed so popular?

BuzzFeed thrives because of big headlines, easy-to-read numbered listicles, cute gifs and bite-sized content. Compared to traditional media (newspapers, full-length articles), which are generally clunkier, BuzzFeed is like trivia – the articles are fun and easy to read, and maybe youll learn a fact or two from it.

What happen to BuzzFeed?

The digital publisher is said to be on the verge of announcing a SPAC merger that would take the company public. Led by its founder and chief executive, Jonah Peretti, BuzzFeed has been in talks to merge with an already public shell company, 890 Fifth Avenue Partners, in what is known as a SPAC deal.

How much traffic is BuzzFeed?

BuzzFeed ended 2019 by hitting a lifetime U.S. reach record in comScore for December with more than 92 million unique US visitors across its O&O, YouTube and Snapchat platforms.

Who is BuzzFeeds target audience?

Its no mistake that many Tasty recipes target the younger palate. Some of its most popular recipes are geared toward the tastes of the Millennial consumer because 50 percent of BuzzFeeds 200 million visitors are between 18 and 34 years old.

Do you get paid for making BuzzFeed quizzes?

The payments are based on a sliding scale: For each post that surpasses 150,000 views, contributors who apply for the program will get $150; a post with 500,000 views earns $500; more than 1 million views pays out $2,000; and if your post reaches the highest tier of 4 million views, youll get $10,000.

How big is BuzzFeeds audience?

BuzzFeed was set up eight years ago as a research lab for creating viral content, and has grown into one of the worlds most popular news and entertainment websites with a monthly audience of 130 million unique visitors and an expanding roster of brands signed up to its native advertising offer.

Do people read BuzzFeed?

Today, around 60 percent of people who read BuzzFeed are doing so on a mobile device. View BuzzFeed on a mobile, and youll see how easy it easy to navigate their site and read content. It loads quickly, there arent any distractions, and the headlines and images are the most important feature.

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