Question: How much is Dil Mil worth?

The Group – an investment of SDVentures – has acquired Dil Mil, a San Francisco-based dating app for expats from India and other South Asian countries. The acquisition was via a combination of cash and Group stock. According to, the deal values the company at up to $50 million.

How many users does Dil Mil have?

TWO MILLION users With over 20 million matches made Dil Mil is the leading South Asian dating app that is completely free to use. Dil Mil has over TWO MILLION users in the US, UK, AU or Canada identifying with diverse communities such as Gujarati, Punjabi, Sindhi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayali, Maharashtrian, Kannada, and Rajasthani.

Who created Dil Mil?

KJ Dhaliwal KJ Dhaliwal is the Founder & President/ CEO of Dil Mil, the largest and fastest growing matchmaking app for South Asians across the world.

How do you talk on Dil Mil?

5 Ways to Talk to Girls on Dil Mil That Will Actually Get You a Remember that its about quality, not quantity. Show off that awesome personality! Her bio is our gift to you — use it well. Ask her out — while youre both still young. Everything happens for a reason.

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