Question: What is it like to meet an INFJ?

What is it like meeting an Infj?

Its very interesting meeting an INFJ for the first time. They usually seem to hit it off with just about anyone. Oftentimes they can appear to be extroverted, very warm and friendly, because they are people oriented. They are natural-born empaths, counselors, confidantes, advocates and protectors.

How rare is it to meet an Infj?

1.5% At just 1.5% of the US population, INFJs can be hard to find. Some of us will go our entire lives without running into one! But if youre bound and determined to encounter this, the rare blue diamond of personality types, here are some ways to increase your chances.

What happens when 2 Infj meet?

When two INFJs become romantically attached, they may feel shy about showing their affection at first. Theyre cautious about expressing their feelings for fear of rejection. If INFJs seem aloof, its because they do such a good job of hiding their feelings. It isnt easy for them to make their emotional needs known.

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