Question: Does Bumble works in Pakistan?

After the ban on Tinder by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Bumble has gained significant popularity in Pakistan, especially among women because unlike other dating apps, Bumble puts women in charge. This means that they get to make the first move.

Does Tinder work Pakistan?

Four days after our conversation, the PTA announced it had lifted the ban on TikTok, but only after the app agreed to stringently monitor the supposedly immoral accounts. But unlike with TikTok, there hasnt been a popular outcry against the Tinder ban in Pakistan.

Which Internet is best in Pakistan?

PTCL – Best wireless internet in Pakistan. Stormfiber – Internet service provider. Nayatel – Internet Service Provider in Punjab. Wi-tribe – Pakistani Internet Service Provider. Worldcall – Top Internet in Pakistan. Wateen telecom – Top Internet Service Provider in Pakistan. Qubee – Internet provider in Pakistan.

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