Question: Which is the best site for marriage in Bengali?, the largest and most trusted site for Bengali matrimonials with millions of Bengali matrimony profiles, is one of Indias best known brands and the worlds largest matrimonial service.

Which matrimonial site is best in Uttar Pradesh? - The No. 1 Matrimony & Matrimonial Site in Uttar Pradesh.

What is a matrimonial advertisement?

Matrimonial advertisements are published with the specific purpose of finding an eligible and potential groom for a prospective bride and a suitable bride for a prospective groom. Matrimonial newspaper adverts are more like search mediums than for the purpose of promotion and advertisement.

How do you write a marriage ad?

Matrimonial advertisement FormatStep 1 – Age, weight, height, sex.Step 2 – Caste, Creed and religion.Step 3 – Job, qualification, and place of posting.Step 4 – Contact address.Step 5 – Any other relevant specification if any.

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