Question: How much does it cost to go to Brownsea Island?

Do you have to pay to get on Brownsea Island?

The island admission and ferry fare is free of charge for under 5s, but you are still required to book a space for them so we can manage numbers on the ferries. The ferry is operated by a third party company, Brownsea Island Ferries.

Can you take a car to Brownsea Island?

Unfortunately there are no public cars allowed on the island and no facility to get them over here. The public car ferry operates between Shell bay on Studland and Sandbanks.

How long is the ferry to Brownsea Island?

20 minutes Sailings from Poole Quay take 20 minutes, crossing to Brownsea Island with a direct route out and back.

How long do you need on Brownsea Island?

Usually 20 minutes there and 40 minutes back as they circle the Island and give a guided tour of harbour. Many do not even get off and just look at the Island from the boat. The Island is owned by the National Trust and if you are not a member it can be expensive to land.

Is Brownsea Island worth visiting?

Brownsea Island isnt just a great place to visit, its an adventure. Its also an adventure packed with rare and exotic creatures, hidden away places and treks through wild and wooded spaces. Brownsea Island is an accident of nature.

Is Brownsea Island Open all year?

Brownsea Island Outdoor Centre is located near the site where Lord Baden-Powell held the first experimental Scout camp in 1907. The campsite is open from April to the end of September and there are plenty of ways for you to spend a night under the stars.

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