Question: How was Amber Liu scouted?

Hanging out in Los Angeless Koreatown one summer day in 2008, Amber Liu felt a tap on her shoulder. When she turned around, a scout from SM Entertainment, one of South Koreas largest entertainment companies, handed her the details for their global auditions. The next day, she was at the audition.

How did Amber get into SM?

She attended El Camino Real High School in Los Angeles. Liu was cast from SM Entertainments Los Angeles global audition in 2008, where she and one male were selected to be trainees for SM Entertainment. After a year and a half of training, she debuted as a member of the South Korean girl group f(x) in September 2009.

How did kpop idols get scouted?

Some members have been scouted by their management, most unconventionally. We are lucky that these idols were discovered and they debuted in our bias group and became our favourite idols. As La La Lands famous song Someone In The Crowd goes, Someone in the crowd could take you where you wanna go.

How does Amber Liu know Korean?

As Amber explains, she became fluent in Korean by learning from her bandmates, who taught English in return. “When I was in Korea, I was always the English teacher. I taught everybody English,” she says. “I made so many friends by teaching them English.

What is the gender of Amber Liu?

Liu, a member of girl group f(x) but also a solo singer, portrays an androgynous image.

WHO rejects JYP?

So it comes as a surprise that J-Hope, the main dancer of BTS, was rejected by JYP Entertainment when he auditioned. Truly it was a good sign because being rejected by JYP was one of his first steps into breaking out into the industry. One of the biggest regrets of JYP himself was turning down IU.

How did Jaemin get scouted?

He was scouted by an SM worker while he was doing volunteer work. Jaemin cant digest dairy foods well in general.

Is Amber Liu part of the LGBT?

Amber Liu always stood out in the K-pop group F(x) thanks to her androgynous style. While her tomboyish looks made her unique, it wasnt always easy to be herself. In an interview with KpopStarz, Amber revealed that people constantly pestered her because of the way she looked as a child.

How much does Amber Liu make?

Amber Liu net worth: Amber Liu is an American rapper and singer who has a net worth of $8 million. Amber Liu was born in Los Angeles, California in September 1992. She is popular in South Korea where she is a member of the girl group f(x).

Does JYP regret IU?

JYP has gone on record to state that Seeing IU breaks my heart. Even after multiple auditions at JYPE, IU was rejected in all of them. She was later found by LOEN Entertainment, now known as EDAM Entertainment, which falls under Kakao M, making her one of the biggest female K-Pop soloists recognized worldwide.

Why did JYP Entertainment rejected IU?

JYP said in a joking way that Sungjae was rejected by JYP Entertainment due to his then haircut. Regardless of the reason, perhaps it was a good thing that Sungjae got rejected because after he made his way to Cube Entertainment and debuted as the vocalist, face, and maknae of BTOB in 2012.

Why did Jaemin drop out of school?

He continued, I couldnt enjoy (both school and idol life). If I had to choose between the two, my career as a singer was more important so I chose this job and decided to take a break from school.

What happened to Jaemin?

In 2016, NCTs Jaemin was diagnosed with a herniated disc injury, which he is still struggling with today. The idol has spoken about his concerns and difficulties during the break, which unfortunately happened less than a year after his debut in NCT DREAM.

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