Question: When did Shobhna Kapoor and her father get married?

When did Jeetendra get married?

October 31, 1974 (Shobha Kapoor) Jeetendra/Wedding dates

How much Ekta Kapoor earns?

Ektas total net worth as of 2021 is 13 million USD which is 95 crore Indian Rupees as per media reports. Her average monthly income is approximately around 1 crore rupees. She is also one of the leading celebrities when it comes to sharing her earnings for a social cause and charity as a philanthropist.

What is the age of Shobha Kapoor?

75 years (February 1, 1946) Shobha Kapoor/Age

Who is the wife of Jitendra Kapoor?

Shobha Kapoorm. 1974 Jeetendra/Wife

How old is Jeetendra now?

79 years (April 7, 1942) Jeetendra/Age

Does Jitendra drink?

I gave up alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and tobacco 15 years ago. In my youth, I did everything possible to ruin my health. But when I turned 60, I gave it all up.

Who is the son of Jitendra?

Tusshar Kapoor Jeetendra/Sons

Who is Shobha Kapoor parents?

Personal life 1975), who is a producer, and Tusshar Kapoor (b. 1976), who is an actor.

Why did Dharmendra leave Parkash Kaur?

However, after making it big in Bollywood, Dharmendra was swooning over Hemas panache and the two fell madly in love for each other. It was reported that while Dharmendra was adamant to marry Hema, Prakash Kaur refused to give him the divorce.

Is Jitendra a superstar?

Jeetendra, also born in 1942 like Bachchan, never got his due as a huge star. But nobody ever paused to look at Jeetendra as a star who continued to have his own audience irrespective of whether it was Rajesh Khanna or Amitabh Bachchan who was the ruling superstar.

What is Manoj Kumar age?

84 years (July 24, 1937) Manoj Kumar/Age

Who is Jitendra daughter?

Ekta Kapoor Jeetendra/Daughters

Are Dimple and Sunny still together?

Like many lovers, Dimple Kapadia and Sunny Deol decided to keep their affair a secret. Though the rumours about their alleged affair eventually died down, but there were slow whispers in the industry, every now and then. They dated for 11 long years and some said that the two were still very much in love and together!

How old is Dharmendra now?

85 years (December 8, 1935) Dharmendra/Age

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