Question: Do you get free Zoosk coins with Zoosk app?

Zoosk coins give free members access to an array of fun features that optimize dating profiles. Another great way to earn Zoosk coins for free is by downloading the app. As a thanks for going mobile with Zoosk, youll earn 30 coins to use on whatever features you fancy.

What do you get for free with Zoosk?

If the Zoosk Free Trial is Free, What Do You Get?Set-Up and Customize Your Dating Profile.Add Photos to Showcase Your Likes and Interests.Browse Profiles of Singles in Your Area.Send Unlimited Likes and Smiles.22 Jul 2020

How much are Zoosk coins?

Zoosk Coins are another option. These allow you to Boost your profile and cost $19.99 for 180 coins or $99.99 for a big bag of 1,800.

Do you need coins to message on Zoosk?

Only subscribers can use Zoosk coins to purchase delivery confirmations on messages. You must be a subscriber to send and receive messages, even if you use Zoosk coins to unlock a Carousel match.

Can I message on Zoosk for free?

With a basic account, you can only browse and like other users. If you want to read or send any messages, youre going to have to pay for it. While other sites like OkCupid, Tinder, and Bumble have a robust free option that allows you to read, send, and receive messages, Zoosk does not.

How can I send a free message on Zoosk?

Free users cannot send messages, use the Zoosk SmartPicks feature, use the incognito mode, use chat or see who likes you. These are all locked behind the subscription. Subscriptions are rolling monthly unless you buy the 3, 6, 12 month packages but they will also auto-renew.

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