Question: Do people kiss as a greeting in Argentina?

Argentines always kiss each other on the cheek when greeting, even if the person is a stranger. Unlike in European countries, however, Argentines give a kiss on only one cheek, and they dont actually make a kissing sound, but simply graze cheeks, to get the job done.

What is a typical greeting in Argentina?

When greeting for the first time or in a formal setting, Argentines generally shake hands and give a slight nod to show respect. The abrazo is the most common greeting among friends and family. This consists of a handshake and an embrace. The number of kisses when giving an abrazo varies from region to region.

What countries greet with a kiss?

Greeting with a kiss isnt just a French thing First things first, while many Anglo-Saxons believe that kissing as a greeting is unique to France, the practice is common in a wide range of European and Latin countries, as well as Russia and certain Arabic and sub-Saharan nations.

How do Argentina say you?

In Spanish, we have to remember that there is a difference between using the informal or formal “you”. All the above mentioned are indirectly using the informal “you”, which in Argentina is “vos” (read more about the use of “vos” here), whereas in other Spanish-speaking countries it is “tú”.

How do Argentina People say hello?

Hola A General Overview of Basic Words and Phrases en EspañolHello / Hi / HeyHolaGood day / Good morningBuenos días or buen díaGood afternoonBuenas tardesGood eveningBuenas nochesWhats your name?¿Cómo te llamás? / ¿Cómo es tu nombre?17 more rows

What does CHE mean in Argentina?

Che (/tʃeɪ/; Spanish: [tʃe]; Portuguese: tchê [ˈtʃe]; Valencian: xe [ˈtʃe]) is an interjection commonly used in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) and Valencia (Spain), signifying hey!, fellow, guy.

How do you say OK in Argentina?

The word “dale” in Argentina is used to say “ok”. So if someone asks you something and you want to say yes, just say “dale”. Especially if youre being offered something or being invited to do something. Other options could be: “Bueno”, “Sí”.

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