Question: How did Derek meet Hayley Erbert?

Dancing With The Stars favorite Derek Hough has been dating DWTS troupe member Hayley Erbert for some time now and from the looks of things, its not slowing down any time soon! They met when she was a dancer for their first Move tour, and was encouraged by the brother-sister duo to audition for DWTS.

How did Hayley and Derek meet?

They met on Dancing With The Stars. ICYMI, Derek was a pro dancer on DWTS for years before stepping behind the desk and taking on judging duties. Thats where he met Hayley, a troupe dancer with the show.

Did Derek Hough propose to Hayley Erbert?

Derek Hough and Haley Erbert are not engaged, yet! The 36-year-old dancing pro is still reminiscing about his recent “magical” trip to Africa with his girlfriend Haley and admitted to Access Hollywood that it would have been a good time to propose.

Who is Hayley Erbert dating?

Derek Hough Derek Hough was recently announced as a judge for the upcoming 29th season of Dancing With the Stars. As a DWTS pro, Hough has already won six Mirrorball Trophies. Houghs girlfriend, Hayley Erbert, is also a professional dancer. Heres what we know about their relationship.

Are Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough still friends?

But three years after Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough went their separate ways, the professional dancer has revealed that the pair did date briefly and now remain good friends. Absolutely we are still friends, we are still very close, he said at the BBC Worldwide Dancing With The Stars event in London.

Did Nina Dobrev date Derek Hough?

Derek Hough Us broke the news in September 2013 that Dobrev was dating the Dancing With the Stars pro, who is her friend Julianne Houghs brother. The duo called it quits after just six weeks of dating.

Is Jenna pregnant on DWTS?

While speaking with ET just days after the announcement, the season 25 Mirrorball trophy champion confirmed that she would not be participating in this years 29th season of DWTS due to her pregnancy. I will not be dancing this season, but I am hoping to be a part of the show in other ways, she said at the time.

Is Hayley Erbert a professional dancer?

As a DWTS pro, Hough has already won six Mirrorball Trophies. Houghs girlfriend, Hayley Erbert, is also a professional dancer.

Did Derek and Cheryl date?

Derek Hough has confirmed that he dated Cheryl Cole for a while. The professional dancer, who appears on Dancing with the Stars, has finally admitted that the pair had a relationship around the time they worked closely together in 2010. We dated for a while.

Why did Derek Hough and Nina Dobrev break up?

Nina Dobrev and Derek Hough have reportedly called it quits after only six weeks of dating. According to Us Weekly the couple had decided that the relationship had played itself out and that the distance was beginning to put a strain on their romance.

Does Val from DWTS have a baby?

Our perfect little angel was born 8 days early on November 2nd, 2020 at 6:07 am. I woke up to my water breaking around 3:30 am at home in bed and contractions started immediately after.

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