Question: What do speakers hook up to?

Speakers โ€“ For a stereo system, you need TWO speakers. Cables โ€“ You need cables to connect your sources to your receiver. Typically, youll use those red and white audio cables for this. Speaker wire โ€“ You need speaker wire to carry the audio from your receiver to your speakers.

What cable is used to connect speakers?

Copper is the most widely used material for speaker cable due to its low cost and low resistance. However, copper does oxidise so it needs to be well covered and insulated.

Why do speakers have 4 terminals?

So, why do speakers have 4 terminals? Speakers have 4 terminals to allow for bi-wiring connections. Speakers with 4 terminals offer split connections, which creates two sections. Compared to speakers that have 2 terminals, the varieties that have 4 are capable of bi-wiring.

Can you hook stereo speakers up to a TV?

No, you cannot connect speakers directly to a TV. Theres no standard set of TV audio outputs, although most have RCA (stereo) jacks, a 3.5mm jack, digital optical/coaxial jacks, or something similar. For TVs with only an HDMI output jack, its still possible to connect an external set of speakers or amp.

Why do my speakers have 2 sets of terminals?

The two sets of terminals are usually for the low frequency drivers and the high frequency drivers. If you have multiple amps you would bi-wire. Some people bi-wire to lower the total resistance between a single amp and the speakers. The speakers will come with a jumper between the two sets of terminals.

Does speaker wire need to be the same length?

Speaker wires should be the same length: It seems to make sense that speaker wires should be identical to eliminate phase shifts. It would take miles of speaker wire to hear any difference. So having wires a foot or two (or 10) different is irrelevant.

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