Question: How to tell if a piece of Fiestaware is new?

if the letters in the word, “Fiesta” are all LOWER CASE, then its OLD. if the letters in the word, “Fiesta” are all UPPER CASE, then its NEW.

Can you mix and match Fiestaware?

Manufactured by Homer Laughlin China Company, the charm of Fiestaware lies both in its selection of bright, cheery colors, and the fact that it can be purchased by the piece, allowing any collector to mix and match to his hearts content.

What is the new color for fiestaware this year?

Twilight Twilight, The Fiesta Tableware Companys new color for 2021, is an electrifying shade of blue. ATLANTA—Fiestas newest color has been unveiled here at market this week, and it is a luminescent shade of blue called Twilight.

Is FiestaWare out of style?

Fiestaware burst onto the scene back in the 1930s, and has been discontinued and reintroduced a couple of different times since then.

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