Question: Do Kevin Gates date his cousin?

Kevin Gates is not shy about keeping it in the family. The Louisiana rapper has posted a jaw-dropping confessional that after dating a woman for three beautiful months he found out that shes his cousin.

What rapper dates his cousin?

Rapper Kevin Gates on why he kept sleeping with his cousin | Daily Mail Online. The rapper took to Instagram to talk about a girl he used to date and what happened when his grandmother revealed they were cousins.

Did Kevin Gates marry his cousin Dreka?

PHOTOS: Kevin Gates married his Cousin, Baby Mama and long time girlfriend Dreka Gilyard. This must be Big JOKE! That guy who kicked that girl in the chest last month just got her Today, Rapper Kevin Gates married his baby mother Dreka Gilyard confirmed!

Is Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates related?

Its an honest mistake, really: Kevin Gates is sleeping with his cousin. Im f--kin the sh-- out her, come to find out she my cousin, you heard me? Not something you hear everyday, right? But heres the thing -- he has no plans on putting a stop to the relationship.

Is Dreka and Kevin still together 2021?

No, Kevin Gates and Renni Rucci are not dating – online rumours debunked after song debut! Kevin Gates and Renni Ruccis relationship rumours surfaced online after they released their new song. However, the two are not together in real life!

Is Kevin Gates a vegetarian?

Kevin Gates on Twitter: I swear Im vegan 😂 except 4 when Im in Morocco 🇲🇦…

What does Kevin Gates eat in a day?

Gates says he now only eats one meal a day, though not for intermittent fasting reasons; he says the single meal stems from his practice of Islam. That one meal may be a steak and a veggie bowl. (For added protein and satiety, Gates takes BeLean protein before workouts.) Gates says his fast helps in creative ways.

Why is Bill Gates not vegan?

Mr Gates does not claim to be vegetarian and is reported to still enjoy the occasional cheeseburger. However he has been strong public and financial supporter of plant and cellular based alternatives to meat for several years, stating that farmed animals take a “big toll” on the environment.

How did Kevin Gates lose weight so fast?

The Baton Rouge rapper attributed the weight loss to him following a complete health regimen that included rigorous dieting and 2 a.m. weight training. He went on to say, “One word, commitment. But what really did it for me, I had my shirt off and I was holding my partners baby and his baby tried to s*ck my breast.”

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