Question: Do I need BO2 to play plutonium?

Do I need to own Black Ops 2 on Steam to play Plutonium? No, youre downloading a free copy of Black Ops 2 plus all the extras Plutonium provides.

Is Plutonium a virus bo2?

Plutonium is whats known as a false positive (your antivirus thinks Plutonium is a virus, when in reality Plutonium is 100% clean.)

Do you need steam to play Plutonium?

Q: Can you show me how to obtain the original game without purchasing it from Steam? No, Plutonium does not support piracy. To use the game mod, you must purchase the game from Steam, and support the original developers of the game.

Is Plutonium illegal bo2?

Yes, you have to be special licensed to possess quantities of Uranium and/or Plutonium of greater than 1 gram. If you are not licensed, then it is illegal to possess either element.

Can you use Plutonium with steam bo2?

@kommissar yes you can play the game on steam using the same bo2 installation. You dont even have to make a copy of your folder, pluto doesnt modify any steam related files.

How do you unlock everything in plutonium?

0:221:45how to get max level and unlock all in black ops 2 plutonium - YouTubeYouTube

What is the best gun in BO2?

With nearly 65% of the vote, the BO2 MSMC has been voted the Best Gun in CoD History from BO2 and onward!

What is the best gun in BO2 multiplayer?

The submachine guns or SMGs in Black Ops 2 are quite possibly the most popular gun type in the game now. Its easy to use, has a very fast rate-of-fire and with the added attachments, can even be used for long range. SMGs are mostly attached with a Suppressor and the next attachment depends on the players preference.

Is the AN-94 a real gun?

The AN-94 (Russian: 5,45-мм автомат Никонова обр. 1987 г. / АН-94 «Абака́н», GRAU designation 6P33) is a Russian assault rifle. The AN-94 offers a unique two-shot burst function at a stated 1800 rounds per minute.

What are the best guns in BO2?

Best Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Weapons1 AN-94. As versatile as it gets, this rifle is a beast in multiplayer. 2 Remington 870 MCS. I agree that this is the best shotgun in the game! 3 MSMC. 4 Scar-H. 5 DSR 50. 6 M27. 7 PDW-57. 8 BALLISTA.More items

Is 3 round burst legal?

Machine guns — this includes any firearm which can fire more than 1 cartridge per trigger pull. Both continuous fully automatic fire and “burst fire” (i.e., firearms with a 3-round burst feature) are considered machine gun features. The weapons receiver is by itself considered to be a regulated firearm.

Is AN-94 good warzone?

The best Warzone AN-94 loadout is the meta build for the Call of Duty battle royale with attachments to vastly increase its damage and accuracy over distance, making it perfectly suited for medium-long range engagements.

What is the strongest gun in BO2?

The Skorpion EVO is the last available SMG to unlock and it has the highest rate-of-fire in any gun in the game. It chews through bullets fast but for head-to-head encounters, its hard to beat.

Are binary triggers legal?

Gat cranks and binary triggers can be installed in semiautomatic rifles and even pistols to speed up the rate of fire to mimic full automatic machine guns. Theyre available and legal in most states.

What States Can I own a machine gun?

Five states—Idaho, Oklahoma, Utah, Vermont, and Wyoming—regulate the possession of machine guns in other limited circumstances such as prohibiting the possession of machine guns by minors. Five states—Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, and New Mexico—do not have any state-level regulations of machine guns.

Is the AN-94 the best gun in Warzone?

The best Warzone AN-94 loadout is the meta build for the Call of Duty battle royale with attachments to vastly increase its damage and accuracy over distance, making it perfectly suited for medium-long range engagements.

Is the AN-94 any good?

The AN94 is a low-damage assault rifle effective at medium-to-close range, but it has a nifty quirk. The AN94 hasnt dominated in the meta, but it is a powerful mid-range weapon with a variety of uses. It also hasnt received a major nerf like the Bruen and Grau despite its effectiveness in certain situations.

How do I get Type 25?

You need to reach player level 25 to unlock Type 25 assault rifle. Type 25 is in assault rifle weapon class in Call of Duty Mobile that has very high fire rate among other weapon. Most high ranked player prefer using this gun as their primary weapon.

Is a HellFire trigger legal?

The HellFire device is just one design among many. These sorts of devices are not prohibited under federal law because they still only allow one round to be discharged per trigger pull – so the gun is still semi-automatic.

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