Question: Who is Kenyas baby daddy?

Brooklyn Daly is Kenya Moore and Marc Dalys only child together. You can catch snippets of Kenyas life every week on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Who is the father of Kenyas baby?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta mom posted some new photos of the father-daughter duo with a special message. Kenya Moore didnt let Fathers Day pass by without taking to Instagram to open up about daughter Brooklyn Dalys dad, Marc Daly.

How old is Brooklyn Kenyas daughter?

On Thursday, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, 50, shared an adorable video on her 2-year-old daughter Brooklyn Doris dancing to the beat of her moms 2012 single, Gone with the Wind Fabulous.

Did Kenya use her own egg?

Kenya Moore is setting the record straight. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, 49, clapped back at castmate NeNe Leakes, who claimed that Moore is not legally married to husband Marc Daly and that she did not use her own eggs to conceive their 1-year-old daughter Brooklyn Doris. “Yes, Im legally married.

Are Porsha and her baby daddy still together?

The on and off relationship between Real Housewives of Atlanta star – Porsha Williams and her baby daddy Dennis McKinley is beginning to leaves fand bored and puzzled. Just as fans were beginning to feel hopeful for the couple, Porsha announced on the latest season of the show that she and Dennis had split up.

Is Porsha and her baby father still together?

“We are single. We are exactly that, single. But were very cordial,” Porsha told a fan on WWHL this past Sunday, when asked about her relationship with her ex-fiance. Porsha also confirmed that she and Dennis do not live together.

How much is Cynthia Bailey worth 2020?

Ahead of Moore in the wealth department is the model, entrepreneur, and owner of The Bailey Agency School of Fashion, Cynthia Bailey, who is reportedly worth $2.5 million (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet).

How much does Shamea make on rhoa?

Shamea Morton: $2 million.

Does porsha have a child?

Pilar Jhena McKinley Porsha Williams/Children

Did Kenya get pregnant naturally?

Kenya Moores IVF experience Kenya was 46, when she met the love of her life. They got married after a few months of courtship and wanted to start a family immediately. When they could not conceive naturally, the couple turned to IVF in Barbados.

What age did porsha have her baby?

The 37-year-old model and actress welcomed her first child into the world on Friday, March 22. Williams and her fiance, Dennis McKinley, celebrated their daughters arrival at 1:36 p.m., after McKinley suggested her forthcoming birth on Instagram.

Who is porsha husband?

Kordell Stewartm. 2011–2013 Porsha Williams/Husband

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