Question: Can Sagittarius marry Aries?

Birth, Love, Sex, Marriage, Business Partnership — Aries and Sagittarius make an ideal combination and the compatibility between the two zodiac signs is quite good. Both of them will complement each other in almost every way and there will be a light playfulness in the love match.

Does Sagittarius and Aries make a good couple?

“Aries and Sagittarius have a big potential for being a great match,” Leslie Hale, an astrologer with, tells Bustle. “As fire signs, they both understand each other and have many things in common. Sagittariuss Sun falls in Aries fifth house of love, and its the same for Aries.

Can Aries woman marry Sagittarius man?

Both the Sagittarius male and Aries female will have a great intimate relationship. If he is happy and delighted with the physical intimacy, he is unlikely to break the relation to look for another partner. Thus, when they both indulge themselves sensually in the physical aspects, they will have a good chemistry.

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