Question: What should I do on a date with my husband?

Where should I take my husband on a date?

Here are 50 fun and affordable date night ideas for all you lovebirds out there.The supermarket challenge (aka set a spend limit, separate and go and buy each other fun gifts!)Cook dinner for each other.Wine tasting.Go for a romantic picnic.Stargaze.Make something together.Go for brunch.Go to a museum or gallery.More items •7 Oct 2014

What do I talk about on a date with my husband?

What to Talk About on a Date with your Spouse – 50 Conversation Prompts!What was your favorite date weve ever done?What details do you remember about when we met?Share your love story with strangers.If you could do-over something from the past, what would you change?Share a past memory you think about often.More items •1 Oct 2016

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