Question: How long did Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger date?

Patrick shared with Details Magazine in 2011 that his “eye though is set on Miley” and had a crush on the singer, and the couple started dating over three years later.

Did Miley Cyrus date a Schwarzenegger?

Miley Cyrus has said she is happy to be single following her split from Patrick Schwarzenegger. The singer, who had been dating the 21-year-old for five months, revealed that she is coping just fine after the break-up.

How long did Miley Cyrus and Chris Hemsworth date?

She said yes: After three years of dating, People confirmed that the lovebirds were officially engaged in June 2012. Hemsworth proposed to Cyrus with a 3.5 carat Neil Lane engagement ring. The actress shared her excitement on Twitter and gushed that “all my dreams are coming true.”

How does Liam Hemsworth feel about Miley Cyrus now?

Liam was very hurt when they initially broke up, but he has moved on now and is happy with Gabriella. Hes very traditional and Gabriella shares the same values as him and gets along with his family. Their relationship is easygoing and they have similar upbringings and backgrounds.

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