Question: Who is Saga magazine aimed at?

Saga Magazine may be aimed at the over 50s but it is determined not to get stuck in the past as its parent group celebrates its 60th anniversary.

Who is saga insurance underwritten by?

Customers need to be over 50 years old to qualify for car insurance with Saga, but the insurer has no upper age limit. Sagas policy is underwritten by a panel of Acromas Insurance Company Limited, Liverpool Victoria, AXA, Covéa and Zenith Marque.

What age group is saga for?

30 Mar 2016 | by John Grimes. Saga is a brand with a minimum age; you cant travel with them until you are 50 unless you are over 40 and travelling with someone 50+.

What age group is Platinum magazine aimed at?

55 The study of 1,000 women aged 50-65 and 1,000 women aged 20-30 was commissioned by DC Thomson Media as they launch Platinum – a new glossy, monthly magazine, aimed at women over 55 who believe in making the most of every day.

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