Question: How do I cancel flirt Finder?

How do I cancel my flirt subscription?

Cancel by Phone: Call customer service at 1-800-489-6091 .Cancel by Email:Send an email to “Request to Cancel My Subscription” in the subject line.Include your profile information (screen name and email address).Request an email confirmation that your account has been cancelled.25 Apr 2018

How do I delete my flirt and hookup account?

How to delete my Flirthookup account?1 Go to and log in by entering your username and password.2 Scroll down to the footer of the page. and select the Help link.3 Scroll down to the bottom of the FAQ page. 4 Last step: Fill in a reason for removal.5 Jul 2016

How do I delete my FlirtFish account?

You may deactivate your FlirtFish Account at any time by accessing Settings and selecting deactivate account or by emailing our support team at contact us section on our app.

Is Flirthookup com legit?

Is this a legitimate dating site? Answer: No, its not legit, it has plenty of fakes, they will stop writing you when you subscribe and make payment.

How can I get free coins on Iflirts?

At this time, there is no way to get free coins. The 100 free coins, which we credit to your account as a welcome gift when you sign up, are an exception to this rule. You can only buy coins inside the app through your App Store Account. However, you must link a credit card or bank account with the App Store.

What is Flirt hook up?

Flirt Hookup is a dating site for singles that are interested in more than just a dinner date. There is no fee to register and you can begin browsing through profiles as soon as you complete the easy registration process. The site has a clean layout and was easy to navigate through.

What is Xpickup dating site? is one of the many online dating websites that promises to help people meet single women or men in order to fill their boring and monotonous life with thrill and adventure.

How much is Iflirts?

H9w much do the coins cost USD$12.50 per 500. Each word typed takes away a proportionate amount of coins. You can go through 500 coins in about 5 minutes. That is hook, line and sinker!

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