Question: Is Declan Donnellys wife expecting a baby?

Declan Donnelly has confirmed that he and wife of three years, Ali Astall, are expecting their first child together.

Does Declan Donnelly have a baby?

When did Declan Donnelly become a dad? Dec became a dad in 2018. The entertainer and one part of dynamic duo Ant & Dec welcomed a baby girl on September 1st, 2018. As of January 2021, this makes his daughter two years old.

Who is Declan Donnellys wife?

Ali Astallm. 2015 Declan Donnelly/Wife

Has Declan Donnelly been married before?

Ali Astallm. 2015 Declan Donnelly/Spouse

Are Ant and Anne-Marie still together?

Both Ant and Anne-Marie were recently single when they began dating. Ant announced in January 2018 that he and his wife of 11 years Lisa were ending their marriage, with their divorce not finalised until 2020.

Who did ant marry yesterday?

Anne-Marie Corbett TV star Ant McPartlin has married Anne-Marie Corbett in a ceremony held in a church in Hampshire. The Saturday Night Takeaway star exchanged vows in front of celebrity guests including Dermot OLeary, Cat Deeley and David Walliams, and had his longtime presenting partner Declan Donnelly by his side as best man.

How old is Anne-Maries girlfriend?

Anne-Marie Corbett, 43, was Ant McPartlins personal assistant. She has been employed by the same London-based management company as Ali Astall, Dec Donnellys wife, for ten years but only in 2017 began working closely with Ant.

Why did Holly not go to Ants wedding?

Holly Willoughby reportedly missed Ant McPartlins wedding to Anne-Marie Corbett over fears she would bump into bosses from her former management agency. They added: People who know her said she swerved the wedding as it would have been hugely awkward for her to come face-to-face with the people she is battling with.

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