Question: How to get a Finnish man to talk?

How do you talk to a Finnish person?

The 7-Step Formula to Making Finnish FriendsAsk questions from a Finn and dont get discouraged.Find a potential Finnish friend.Remember to take things slow with a Finn.Dont panic about the silence.Finetune your discussion when talking to a Finnish person.Continue Next Time.More items

Who is the most famous Finnish person?

Famous people from FinlandKimi Räikkönen. Racing driver. Kimi-Matias Räikkönen is a Finnish racing driver. Jean Sibelius. Art song Artist. Tarja Turunen. Symphonic metal Artist. Mika Häkkinen. Racing driver. Jarkko Nieminen. Tennis Player. Linus Torvalds. Programmer. Alvar Aalto. Architect. Teemu Selänne. Ice Hockey Right winger.More items

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