Question: How is the dating scene in San Diego?

About 17% of women and 35% of men were satisfied with dating here. Far more San Diegans, about 58%, were satisfied with their social lives in town. And looking at census data, the city posted a measly 22 out of 100 for percentage of singles.

Does San Diego have a good dating scene?

For those in San Diego looking to cozy up with a partner for the holiday season, youre in luck – a recent study ranked San Diego as the fourth-best city in the nation for singles.

How do I meet girls in San Diego?

Best where to meet girls in San Diego, CASan Diego Club Crawl. 5.4 mi. 323 reviews. Myst Lounge. 5.4 mi. 422 reviews. OMNIA Nightclub. 5.6 mi. 735 reviews. Aero Club Bar. 3.9 mi. 682 reviews. Whiskey Girl. 5.4 mi. 1079 reviews. Mina Lounge. 5.5 mi. 530 reviews. Club Train. 5.6 mi. $ Dance Clubs, Party & Event Planning. FLUXX. 5.6 mi.More items

Where do military guys hang out in San Diego?

Best Military Bars in San Diego, CAAero Club Bar. 3.9 mi. 684 reviews. Off Base Bar. 7.4 mi. $ Sports Bars, Karaoke. MCAS Miramar Officers Club. 6.9 mi. $$ Pubs, Venues & Event Spaces. Double Deuce. 5.4 mi. 478 reviews. The Hole in the Wall. 4.6 mi. Legends Sports Bar. 6.6 mi. ALTITUDE Sky Lounge. 5.7 mi. The I Bar. 7.1 mi.More items

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