Question: What does it mean by slow dating?

Dating has changed in so many ways since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Slow dating is what it sounds like: people taking the time to get to know each other and build a connection before deciding if they want to pursue the relationship or meet in person.

What does slow dating mean?

What is it? As opposed to speed dating and endless hours of swiping, slow dating is the new way to date. It refers to curated matches and is a quality over quantity approach. For example, at Once, our users receive one match per day, every day.

Why is online dating so slow?

Slow dating is on the rise because of the pandemic. Pre-vaccine, people couldnt just go on a casual date with someone they didnt know. You needed to trust this person, so you took more time to get to know them. You also wanted to see if theyd be worth the risk to meet up IRL.

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