Question: What is the best series of Zildjian cymbals?

What are the levels of Zildjian cymbals?

Zildjian Cymbal Buyers GuideA Family: Bright & Sweet. K Family: Dark & Rich. FX Series: Colorful & Personal. Z Family: Bright and Cutting (Great Sound on a Budget) S Family: Versatile and Bold. L80 Low Volume Series: Real & Quiet. Gen16 Acoustic/Electric Cymbal System.

Are Zildjian i Series cymbals good?

I didnt get to gig them, but they certainly project and seem to be constructed well enough to last. In terms of value for money, these are great. The individual pricing per cymbal is really affordable and the various packs are also nicely priced.

Are Zildjian S series good?

Absolutely spot-on crisp sound. The 18 medium-thin crash sounds fantastic with the right blend of attack and sustain. The smaller 16 is good, but the 18 is the better crash between the two. Both of them together make good crash options.

How do you make cymbals shiny again?

2:024:33Zildjian - How to Clean Brilliant Finish Cymbals - YouTubeYouTube

Is Sabian XSR good?

The ride cymbal would be more of a medium ride. While I like a heavy rock ride this ride has a really good sound to it and if you like a ride that will wash out a bit this is the baby for you. The crash cymbals are fast crashes and while they are not as thin as other fast crash cymbals out there they perform like them.

What are Zildjian S series made of?

B12 bronze Zildjian S-series cymbals are made from B12 bronze - 88% copper and 12% tin - to provide a balanced range of lows, mids, and highs for brilliant shimmer and signature Zildjian smokiness.

Can I soak cymbals in vinegar?

If youre wondering how to clean cymbals with lemon juice or vinegar, it can be done. Once rubbed onto the surface, these will remove the dirt and grime and help to bring some of that shine back to the cymbal. The vinegar has been proven to be an effective cleaner in a wide variety of situations.

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