Question: How old is murdah?

Who is Murdahbongz girlfriend?

DJ Zinhle LOOK: Expectant dad Murdah Bongz pays tribute to girlfriend DJ Zinhle but she has other things on her mind.

How old is Black Motion?

The Black Motion star was born on 24th April 1986 in Soshanguve, north Pretoria, where he was also raised. He is 35 years old in 2021.

Who are the black motion members?

Dj Murder Smol Black Motion/Members Made up of DJ/producer Robert Bongani Mohosana and percussionist Thabo Smol Mabogwane, the pair collaborated in the town of Soshanguve, north of Pretoria. Both musicians came of age during the house music boom of the 90s and

Who is murdah Bongz?

Murdah Bongz (born 9th June 1987) is a South African singer, music producer, and social media personality who is best known as the boyfriend of DJ Zinhle.

How did Black Motion meet?

How did you guys meet? Thabo Mabogwane: We met in Soshanguve, in the hood where we are both from, through a guy called Moses. We were producing individually, and through Moses we linked up and formed Black Motion. This was 2010.

How was Black Motion formed?

Flying the flag for Tshwane, the house music capital, Black Motion formed in early 2010 when Robert Mahosana (DJ Murda) and percussionist Thabo Smol Mabogwane decided to work together. On stage, Black Motion makes use of vocalists and keyboard players to support their DJ and percussionist act.

Where is DJ zinhle originally from?

Dannhauser, South Africa DJ Zinhle/Place of birth

What is aka real name?

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes AKA/Full name There are many who wonder, what is AKAs real name? His birth name is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes. The rapper trended for months last year after his fiances tragic death.

What genre is black motion?

Dance/Electronic Black Motion/Genres

Who discovered Black Motion?

However for Black Motion its a vice-versa story, they were International stars before introducing themselves to the South African music space. Duo Thabo Smol Mabogwane and Robert Murdah Mahosana were travelling in Africa, gigging in Angola when DJ Oskido discovered them.

What genre is Black Motion?

Dance/Electronic Black Motion/Genres

Does AKA own a house?

Now, AKA is not only showing off cars but he is a proud owner of a new home. AKA shared some videos touring the pimped-up new house with a pool and modern day décor. Well done on the new crib Kiernan!

Is Black Motion breaking up?

Mabogwane assures us there will be no split in Black Motion. “Unfortunately for some and fortunately for others, theres no split. The Last Chapter simply says were closing the 10 years. As we take every album release as a chapter, this last chapter is the last chapter of this book.

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