Question: Why cant I see messages on InMessage?

Go to your Apps->InMessage - Chat Meet Dating->Notifications and check whether notifications enabled or not. If it is not enabled, please enable it.

How does InMessage work?

InMessage allows you to chat and date directly with people nearby or 30 million register users all over the world! Features: - Nearby Chat: Easy to discover the most popular InMessage users nearby and set them as your favorites. - Instant Chat: See whos been online recently and start chatting with them.

Why is InMessage not showing messages?

Go to your Apps->InMessage - Chat Meet Dating->Notifications and check whether notifications enabled or not. If it is not enabled, please enable it.

Why is iMessage not working on my phone?

Check in your iPhones Settings app that various messaging options are turned on so that your phone can dispatch texts if iMessage fails. Turning your iPhone off and back on again can usually refresh the software and restore better signal connections, enabling your messages to send once again.

What is Instachat?

Instachat. True to its name, Instachat is an instant messenging app for Instagram users. It lets you do one-on-one, real-time chat with your Instagram friends in a similar way to WhatsApp. You can also send emoticons, photos and audio messages with read receipt functionality.

How do you unblock someone on inMessage?

Unblock a conversationOpen the Messages app .Tap Spam & blocked More. Blocked contacts.Find the contact in the list and tap Remove and then tap Unblock. Otherwise, tap Back .

How do I fix my iPhone messages not showing?

Reboot iMessage by going to Settings > Messages and turning off iMessage, then turn off your iPhone by pressing and holding the on/off switch, slide to power off, and then wait for your iPhone to start up again. Once youve rebooted, return to Settings > Messages and turn iMessage back on.

Why I cant see my messages on my iPhone?

The iPhone Messages app could be blank because of a software glitch thats patched up by a new software update. You may be able to fix the problem by updating to the latest version of iOS. Open the Settings app and tap General -> Software Update. If an iOS update is available, tap Download and Install.

How do I get iMessage?

Enable port forwarding on your device so that it can connect to your smartphone directly through Wi-Fi (the application will tell you how to do this). Install the AirMessage app on your Android device. Open the app and enter your servers address and password. Send your first iMessage with your Android device!

Who owns Instachat?

Amazing things Jons made. I am the co-founder and CEO of Instachat, a social network for virtual friendships. We believe that friendships should not be limited to where you live or where you went to school. Since launching a proof of concept 6 months ago, Instachat has grown to 100K+ members.

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