Question: Who is Alex from Hype house dating now?

The first “public” couple, Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon have been dating since well before the Hype House came together. The two have been together for over a year and even spent some time doing long distance— with Alex living in California and Kouvr living in Hawaii.

Who is Alexs girlfriend in the hype House?

TikTok star Alex Warren from The Hype House is dating Kouvr Annon. His girlfriend and him are the members of the popular TikTok group along with Chase Lilhuddy Hudson and Charli DAmelio.

Did Taylor break up with Charli?

TikTok stars Charly Jordan and Tayler Holder had a civil breakup until it became super messy. In the vid, which has been viewed over two million times as of this writing, Tayler and Charly sat down and calmly explained to their fans why they broke up. It ended really good between us, Charly said.

Are Charli and Taylor still dating?

TikTok star Tayler Holder and model Charly Jordan shocked their fanbase in an unexpected video, where they announced that they have officially broken up. She and Holder got together around five months ago, with the two revealing their relationship to fans in a humorous Q&A video in October 2020.

Did MIA and Thomas break up?

They were a couple for more than five years, about three of which were long-distance. In a YouTube video from Dec. 4, 2019 that has since been deleted, Thomas announced that the two had broken up.

Is Anthony still in the sway House?

A few signs indicate that Anthony might have moved out of the Sway House as well. Anthony last appeared in a TikTok clip posted by Sway House on Thursday, Apr. 18. Whats more, some of the clips he posted to his personal account evince faint signs that he might have moved out as well.

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