Question: Can I hang out with my exs friends?

Should you hang out with your exs friends?

If you really want to keep some of your exs friends and its OK with them, be direct. You could send one of their friends a message saying you hope that one day youll be able to hang out again – but be respectful. They might need to check in with their friend, your ex, and see if they give their blessing.

Can I be friends with my Exs friend?

Its okay to remain friends with your friends ex if it doesnt bother your friend. If youre not sure how your friend feels about you having social contact with their ex, its important to communicate honestly and openly about it to avoid hurt feelings.

Is it bad to date your exs friend?

Dating your exs friend isnt off-limits in all situations, but it really comes down to understanding the specifics of your dynamic with your ex. Youll have to decide whether this potential relationship is worth any potential hurt it could cause to your friend group.

How do I act around my exs friends?

These tips will help you should you ever have an unexpected run in with an exs friend.Acknowledge Them. Theres no need to ignore their presence, especially if you spent a significant amount of time around this friend because you would obviously recognize each other. Keep It Short. Avoid Ex Talk.21 Nov 2018

Is it weird to keep in touch with an ex?

The temptation to stay in touch with an ex is normal—weve all been there. When the urge to text the ex strikes, message a good friend instead, Breines suggests. They can help bring you back to reality. And most of all, remember what you deserve: a loving, lasting relationship that both people want to be a part of.

Is it OK to stay in touch with your exs family?

Breakups can be rough, and its particularly rough when youve gotten attached to an exs family. You can have a totally healthy and normal friendship with members of an exs family, as long as youre considerate of your exs feelings.

Should I talk to my exes family?

It is possible to maintain contact with an exs family. Discuss this with your ex, and decide together what spending time with his or her family will look like. Be respectful by seeing his or her family when your ex is not there. And make sure that the contact you have is not a lot.

Is an ex wife still considered family?

Even after the legal dissolution and remarriage, ex-spouses who have children together will always be those childrens parents.

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