Question: Is there a Christian dating site for epilepsy?

How do you date someone with epilepsy?

Its definitely a good idea to tell anyone youre dating regularly about your epilepsy, just the same as youd tell them anything else important about yourself. However, its also a good idea to wait until you feel comfortable with the other person before bringing up a topic as personal as epilepsy.

Would you date someone with epilepsy?

Dating a woman with epilepsy is no different to dating anyone else. However it may affect certain things: Could affect certain types of birth control and contraception by making them less effective. Certain hormones may affect their seizures.

Who is the patron saint for epilepsy?

Valentine is widely associated with love and the giving of valentines, he is also the patron saint of people with epilepsy.

Where in the Bible does it talk about epilepsy?

Epilepsy in the bible Arguably the most famous epilepsy healing reference in the Bible can be found in Mark 9:17-27; Matthew 17:14-18 and Luke 9:37-43 which all describe Jesus healing the boy with epilepsy by driving out an evil spirit.

Can seizures be healed?

Theres no cure for epilepsy, but early treatment can make a big difference. Uncontrolled or prolonged seizures can lead to brain damage. Epilepsy also raises the risk of sudden unexplained death. The condition can be successfully managed.

Do demons cause seizures?

True, most of us no longer attribute seizures to gods or demons, or use a burning goat horn for diagnosis, but our reactions to seeing a seizure often include fear, confusion, and avoidance.

What is Geschwind syndrome?

A characteristic personality syndrome consisting of circumstantiality (excessive verbal output, stickiness, hypergraphia), altered sexuality (usually hyposexuality), and intensified mental life (deepened cognitive and emotional responses) is present in some epilepsy patients.

Do seizures get worse with age?

Age: Adults over the age of 60 may experience an increased risk for epileptic seizures, as well as related complications. Family history: Epilepsy is often genetic. If you have a family member who experienced epilepsy-related complications, then your own risk may be higher.

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