Question: Is RSVP a dating site?

1 Dating Site with some big statistics of how many people they have helped connect, including that 1 in 3 couples that met online, met on RSVP, The site has both desktop and mobile functionality with apps across both iOS and Android devices and it offers a number of special features that other dating sites dont.

How do you join RSVP?

Heres how:Sign up. You can provide basic contact details right here - choose your unique username and youre officially registered as an RSVP member. Create your profile. Add a photo for eleven times more contact.Jul 21, 2020

Do you say RSVP to or just RSVP?

RSVP, R.S.V.P., r.s.v.p., and R.s.v.p. are all acceptable ways to write the abbreviation, according to etiquette experts at the Emily Post Institute. But both the Oxford English Dictionary and the AP Stylebook write the initialism without periods, as RSVP.

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