Question: Did Lauren and Brody really date?

Per PopSugar, in 2013, she told Bethenny Frankel on her talk show, I dated Brody when I was 18 right after Laguna Beach and thats it. On [The Hills], they had us dating for a few episodes.

Did Lauren actually date Brody?

Brody and Lauren had a complicated relationship on the show. After Lauren and Jason ended things, she and Brody got romantically involved, and their ambiguous relationship served as most of the shows drama, even though things didnt work out in the end.

Does Brody still talk to Lauren?

They cant just film still, but for the most part, no, its been real. The glitzy reality drama followed Jenner Beach alumna Lauren Conrad to the mean streets of Los Angeles, where she and friends fuckboys, backstabbing besties, and Teen Vogue.

Are Lauren Conrad and Stephen Colletti still friends?

Colletti previously told Us Weekly he still talks to Conrad. “We definitely keep in touch,” he said of their relationship. “Over holidays and birthdays and whatnot, you always chime in and say hello and whatnot. Weve always been friends.”

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