Question: How can I be smart while dating?

Are smart people bad at relationships?

The strains a high IQ can bring to a relationship are wide, but it all goes back to the fact that extremely smart people are generally happier when theyre not with others. So intelligence doesnt make a relationship impossible, but it does potentially create distinct barriers to connection and happiness.

Is it harder for smart people to fall in love?

If you belong to a group of more intelligent people, your love life may be quite complicated. Yet, more often than not, they have difficulty in finding the right partner, falling in love and forming long-lasting relationships.

What are the disadvantages of being smart?

Does Being Smart Having Its Disadvantages? Here are 8 Surprising Downsides Of IntelligenceYour level of patience probably isnt as high as your IQ. Little achievements go unnoticed. Complacency – the intellects downfall. Ignorance is bliss. The more you know, the more you realise you dont know.More items

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