Question: Can you convert to Bahai?

A convert is not required to renounce their previous faith, but merely to recognise that their previous faith was in need of regeneration. However they cannot actually remain a member of their previous faith. A person becomes a Baháí when they accept Baháulláh.

How do I become a Baha I?

Declare to the Bahai community that you want to join the Faith.For example, in the United States, the Bahais of the United States website has an online form that you can fill out to make your declaration of your desire to join.In other countries, you may be asked to sign a Bahai declaration card.More items

Does Bahai allow polygamy?

Bahaullah contrary to his own laws that permits two wives, and contrary to the laws of his predecessor the Bab who only permitted a single wife, practiced polygamy and was married to three wives (officially). Unfortunately this is the true face of the Bahai cult that is usually kept hidden from outsiders.

What do Bahai faith eat?

vegetarianism. Vegetarian food has been recommended by `Abdul-Bahá, the son of the Faiths Prophet-Founder - Baháulláh, as being the most natural food for humankind. Baháís are free, however, to be vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Who do Bahais pray to?

Baháís can pray directly to God, or to God through his manifestation Baháulláh.

Do Baha I celebrate Christmas?

Do Baháís celebrate Christmas as a religious community? No, we dont. We accept Christ wholeheartedly, and therefore honor the celebration of His birth, but we do not celebrate Christmas as a community. So as a community, we only celebrate the holy days and holidays associated with the Baháí calendar.

Is Bahai a religion?

The Bahai Faith is a dynamic world religion with several million adherents from a variety of different religious and cultural backgrounds. The central figure of the religion is Bahaullah, and Bahais consider him to be the latest in a series of divine messengers.

What does Bahai worship?

Baháís do not reject other religious teachings but instead believe that God has been progressively revealed through the ages by a series of divine messengers that includes Krishna, Abraham, Moses, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad – hence the use of diverse religious symbols in the ornamentation on the House of

Do Bahais eat meat?

Baháí teachings permit eating all foods. There is nothing in the Baháí teachings about whether people should eat their food cooked or raw, nor is it forbidden to eat meat.

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