Question: How old are the farmers on Farmer Wants a Wife 2021?

Farmer Matt (26, Orbost, Victoria), Farmer Andrew (30, Delegate, NSW), Farmer Sam (24, Canowindra, NSW), Farmer Will (39, Longwood, Victoria) and Farmer Rob (40, Snowy Mountains, NSW) were all born for life on the land, but agree theres one thing missing; a soul mate to share it all with.

How old is farmer Andrew?

30-year-old Photo: Supplied by Jane Macleod. Andrew Guthrie has had the most dramatic start to this season of Farmer Wants a Wife on the Seven Network, but the 30-year-old from Delegate, NSW, says life has been smooth sailing since finding love on the show. “Were going awesome,” he says.

Whos still together in Farmer Wants a Wife 2021?

Farmer Andrew and Jess Nathan: Still together Ive definitely found someone that makes me happy and someone that I want to be with, Andrew said. Meanwhile Jess was fluid as ever: Yea, pretty stoked about it, she said of her relationship with Andrew.

Who did will pick in Farmer Wants a Wife?

Farmer Will and Jaimee Farmer Will picked Jaimee, breaking Kristinas heart in the process. But the two ended things on a friendly note, and Will now looks to the future with the pediatric nurse.

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