Question: What is the best turkey call?

What is the best sounding slate turkey call?

What is the Top Rated Slate Turkey Call?Primos Shaker Call. If you are a hunter who wants a hunting call that is easy to use, this is your best option. Primos Magnetic Box Call. In the second pick, we have this box-style hunting call. Cass Creek Ergo Call. Primos Hunting Hook Hunter. Primos Slate Call.

Are Primos turkey calls any good?

Primos Upper Cut They cant say enough how good the call is and how it is their go-to call when calling turkeys. The three reeds are made of latex and prophylactic, cut in the cutter configuration. Excellent for raspy yelps and comes with a storage case.

How do you choose a turkey mouth call?

How Do I choose a Mouth call for turkey hunting?Look for mouth calls that are hand built. Make sure that each piece of latex is “miked” for consistency in thickness.Look for each piece of latex to be popped before final stretch.The best mouth calls have latex that is hand stretched!More items •Jan 19, 2018

What is the easiest diaphragm turkey call to use?

Split-V – The split-v cut looks like a V cut in the center of the diaphragm. It is an all-purpose call intended for lower and mid-level raspy yelps and cuts. Double Cut – The double cut is the easiest for a beginner to learn on. It has cuts on each side of the diaphragm next to the frame.

When should I cut my turkey call?

1:295:24How to Use a Mouth Call Part 6 - Cutting - YouTubeYouTube

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