Question: What is the new Hinge?

In the new Hinge, users will build out their profile with pics, answers to questions, and general information. Hinge is calling this user profile a story (super original!) because users can build out their story with more and more content over time (much like Her, the queer dating app for women).

What is the new Hinge update?

Hinge launches refreshed design and new features to encourage people to get off the app. According to the app, sending someone a Rose doubles the chances of that person going on a date you, and starting a conversation in Standouts makes you almost 50 per cent more likely to go on a date with them also.

Why did Hinge change?

Hinges latest effort to help streamline the dating journey for members involves a new visual design and features to avoid those who wont be compatible, and the often awkward small talk that comes with initial conversations.

Why do people make new Hinge accounts?

In an attempt to regain visibility, likes and matches people will reset their profiles by creating new accounts or uninstalling the app for a period of time in hopes that apps are sensitive to the decreased engagement levels and give them a new boost once the app is loaded back up.

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