Question: Does Matt Passmore have an accent?

You both have American accents for the series. Matt, your character on The Glades, Jim, sounded very different to me than Neil. Passmore: Jim didnt have that full Chicago accent, but I wanted to put a hint of it in there to make him that fish out of water in Florida.

Is Matt Passmore Australian?

Rugged Australian actor Matt Passmore made his name as a television actor in his native country before earning a star-making role in America with the wry police series The Glades (A&E, 2010-13).

What happened Matt Passmore?

Australian actor Matt Passmore has landed a lead role in a new US drama pilot set in the Bermuda Triangle. The series, titled Triangle, is written by Jon Feldman and Sonny Postiglione and the pilot will be directed by McG.

Is Matt Passmore married?

Natalia Cigliutim. 2016 Jacqui Passmorem. 1997–2006 Matt Passmore/Spouse

Is Matt Passmore in younger?

Kai Silver guest stars as Matt Passmore on Younger Season 7 Episode 4.

Why did Michala Banas leave McLeods Daughters?

The departure of Michala Banas rocked the crew of McLeods Daughters and her character was written out to work on a farm for at-risk youth. Aaron Jeffery returned for one episode in season eight, where his character Alex Ryan was killed when a large tree branch fell on him.

Who is the surfer in younger season 7?

Matthew Passmore (born 24 December 1973) is an Australian actor.

Why did the show glades get Cancelled?

The Glades Was Canceled By A&E In 2013 Unfortunately, A&E pulled the plug on The Glades just a few days after the season 4 finale aired. The network didnt provide a specific reason as to why it cancelled the show, although its ratings – which were down overall from season 3 – likely had something to do with it.

Who plays Kai Manning in younger Season 7?

Matt Passmore Younger (TV Series 2015–2021) - Matt Passmore as Kai Manning - IMDb.

Who is Matt Passmore dating?

Matt PassmoreOccupationActorYears active2002–presentSpouse(s)Jacqueline Bawtree ​ ​ ( m. 1997; div. 2006)​ Natalia Cigliuti ​ ( m. 2016)​Partner(s)Rachael Carpani (2006–2011)2 more rows

What is Nico Tortorella in?

Nico Tortorella (born July 30, 1988) is an American actor and model who is known for roles in films – including Scream 4, the Fox crime drama series The Following (2013–2015), and the TV Land comedy-drama series Younger (2015–2021).

Is Kai manning a surfer?

With her personal life on rocky ground, Liza focuses on work and a new book pitch by sexy surfer, Kai Manning.

Do Nick and Tess stay together?

Tess considers selling her share and remaining in the city, but later decides to stay on and help run the farm. Tess and Nick eventually rekindle their relationship and get married. Not long after, Nick takes a job on a farm in Argentina, and they leave Drovers.

Is Callie pregnant in season 3 of the Glades?

The actress playing Callie is VERY pregnant. In episode 2 of this new season, its even more and more obvious!

Do Jim and Callie end up together?

In the fourth season of The Glades, Jim and Callie got engaged and were set to tie the knot in the season finale, until their happy day was rudely interrupted by a mystery gunman showing up at Jims house and shooting him.

How old is Rachael Carpani?

41 years (August 24, 1980) Rachael Carpani/Age

Who plays Kai Manning on younger?

Matt Passmore Younger (TV Series 2015–2021) - Matt Passmore as Kai Manning - IMDb.

Who is Nico Tortorella wife?

Bethany C. Meyersm. 2018 Nico Tortorella/Spouse

What nationality is Nico Tortorella?

American Nico Tortorella/Nationality

Who is the Australian guy in Younger?

Matt Passmore Even more excitingly, Kai is Aussie and, rather than cast some American dreamboat who looks good but butchers our accent, he is played by some homegrown talent — Matt Passmore.

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