Question: How do you connect two sewer hoses together?

Can you connect 2 RV sewer hoses together?

Yes, two of the Camco RhinoEXTREME RV Sewer Hose # CAM39861 can be used together when necessary to make a 30-foot total length hose to reach the dump tank fill port. The ends of the hose are a male bayonet and a female bayonet so two are easily connected.

What is an RV sewer collar?

Camcos RV 4 x 3 Sewer Hose Seal is a sponge ring that works with either the grey water seal or directly on sewer hose for an odor proof connection to dump station. Connects directly on RV sewer hose for an odor proof connection to dump station.

What size is a standard RV sewer hose?

Regardless of the size of the sewer inlet in a ground site, RVs must always sport a 3-inch hose with 3-inch twist-and-lock fitting. Be reminded though that there generally 2 types of RV wastewater tanks. Gray water tank that comes from your sink generally utilizes a 1 and 1/2-inch diameter tubing.

How do I protect my RV sewer hose?

0:534:18Keep Your RV Sewer Hose from Freezing - Full Time RV Tips YouTube

How long should a RV sewer hose be?

The hose must be long enough to reach an external sewage systems that is far away. Longer hose are ideal,because , frankly speaking, you dont want to park close to the sewage. Ideally a RV sewer hose length should be around 14 to up to 20 ft long. Thats enough to put a distance between your camper and the sewage.

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