Question: Who loves Tifa Lockhart?

Is Tifa Lockhart in love with Cloud?

Does Cloud love Tifa or Aerith in FF7 Remake? Cloud doesnt really end up with either Tifa or Aerith in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. However, players can get a semi-romantic special scene with Tifa or Aerith in chapter 14 of the Final Fantasy VII Remake and this is dependent on previous choices made.

Who is Cloud Strife in love with?

Cloud plus Tifa or Aerith (or perhaps Aeris for you purists)? This romantic love triangle has piqued the interest of many FFVII fans for the past twenty years.

Does Tifa love Cloud or Zack?

Of course she does. She not only loves him as an old friend, but she fell in love with him over the course of the events of the original game. Their relationship is not conventional— Cloud is closed off emotionally for good reasons.

Who is Tifa Lockhart husband?

Tifa Lockhart/Barret Wallace. The Tifa/Barret pairing explores the possibility of a relationship between two major characters in the game Final Fantasy VII and other associated fandoms.

Does TIFA have a daughter?

Marlene Wallace is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake who also appears in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, where she narrates the beginning.

How strong is Tifa Lockhart?

Super Strength: Tifa is much stronger than an average human, capable of lifting heavier objects by herself, such as large paintings.

How tall is Tifa Lockhart?

about 5 feet 6 inches She stands about 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) tall and has measurements of 36-24-35 (92-60-88 cm). Initially, Nomura had difficulty deciding whether to go with a miniskirt or long pants.

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