Question: Do Scorpio guys like to cuddle?

Scorpio might be a passionate lover whos even a little bit possessive when it comes to the one they love, but cuddling isnt really their thing. Love is quite a private domain for them, and so, when it comes to cuddling, theyll do that only if they trust you.

Do Scorpio Men like to be cuddled?

To Scorpio, love is meant to be experienced in private. He may be okay with some public displays of affection, but he isnt one to be wrapped around you when a lot of people are around. He will cuddle only if he is very comfortable around you, and dont expect that to be his go-to when youre alone together.

Do Scorpio guys like to be touched?

Genitals. While the genital area is an erogenous zone for many, its the part of the body thats most associated with Scorpio. They like to be touched with the same intensity they dole out to their partners. So if you want to leave your Scorpio satisfied, go after what you want and dont hold back.

Where can I touch a Scorpio man?

Try making soft physical contact with him, like a touch on the arm, hand, or back. Also remember to not give up too much information on yourself right up front. Make him work for it instead. Scorpios love discovering new things about people, so the more you hold back the more hell want to chase.

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