Question: What are Romanian values?

Romanians appreciate the long term relations based on trust, respect and loyalty. These are attributes they learn to appreciate early in their childhood. Religion plays an important role in the life of the Romanian people. Most of them are members of the Orthodox Church.

What are Romanian beliefs?

Romania is a secular state without official or state religion. However, the country is predominantly Christian with over 80% of the citizens identifying themselves as Orthodox Christians. Other notable religions practiced n the country include; Roman Catholicism, Protestant Christianity, and Greek Catholicism.

What are the characteristics of a Romanian?

What are Romanians like? – 15 surprising personality traitsRomanians are talkative and assertive. Romanians like to complain about everything. Romanians are open. Romanians are adaptable and resourceful. Romanians have a good sense of humor. Romanians love to gossip. Romanians are kind and generous.More items •4 Oct 2020

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