Question: Who is Chris Brown Manager?

Chris Browns manager Mike G is suing the singer/songwriter for allegedly assaulting him in a “drug-fueled rage.” Brown has since responded to those claims, first reported by TMZ, in an Instagram video, saying he fired Mike G for stealing money from him.

Who was Chris Browns first manager?

Chris Brown is being sued by his ex-manager, who alleges the singer brutally attacked him. Mike G (real name: Michael Guirguis) filed a lawsuit on Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court against his former client, claiming Brown viciously attacked him and his injuries sent him to the hospital.

How much does Lil Baby make a show?

In a December 2020 interview with the Breakfast Club, Baby told Charlamagne Tha God that he now gets paid $400K per show. Lil Baby of course also makes money from his music, and as of July 2021 has had his tracks streamed 11 billion times.

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