Question: Where do rich people hang out DC?

Where do DC elite live?

Kalorama Everybody who is anybody in the nations capital lives in the neighborhood of Kalorama — or at least it must feel that way sometimes. Situated north of Dupont Circle, the historic neighborhood is home to numerous bigwigs in media, politics, diplomacy, and lobbying.

Whats the most expensive neighborhood in DC?

Most expensive neighborhoods in Washington, D.C.Mount Pleasant. Fort Dupont. Congress Heights. McLean Gardens. Southwest Waterfront. Navy Yard. H Street-NoMa. Lanier Heights.More items •Apr 28, 2020

Why is Great Falls so expensive?

The traffic—and general trend of moving into city centers—is a culprit for the Zips median price drop of nearly 5 percent. Even so, Great Falls remains the priciest locale in Washington, and families gravitate there for the outdoor space.

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