Question: Does POF tell you last online?

Some people may feel that showing your last login in the search results invades their privacy. Unfortunately, this data is not something you can hide from others. POF uses this data to let others know if someone has been active on the platform recently.

How can you tell when someone was last online on POF?

Log in to POF .You will notice each of the search results will indicate the last time they were online, i.e., Online Now.Online Today.Online This Week.Online Last 30 Days.If the last time they were online is not shown it means it has been over 30 days since they were last online.5 Sep 2020

Can you block someone on Plenty of Fish?

On the Plenty of Fish App: Open the conversation you have with the user you wish to block, and click on the three vertical dots on the top right hand side of your screen. This will display a drop-down menu where you can select the fourth option down, “Block This Person” (on iOS) or “Block User” (on Android).

How do u hide your profile on POF?

Part 2: How to hide profile on POF Step 2: You need to go for the option “Edit Profile” once you login to your profile. The option can be found at the top just beside “My Profile”. Step 3: After you click on the “Edit Profile” option you will get to see To hide your profile from others, click here option.

How long does a POF profile stay active?

Plenty of Fish does not have a published policy about when it deletes inactive accounts. So, if you dont delete your account or put it on hold, your account may remain active indefinitely. If you want to keep your account private after your death, do not rely on Plenty of Fish to eventually delete your profile.

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